The importance of SEO for today´s online marketing strategies

When it comes to digital marketing strategies is impossible not to talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Let the expert, online marketing expert Boca Raton, explain it to you.

Even if it is not a new subject in the market, many people still have doubts about these strategies. With the popularization of the Internet and increased competition, more and more is needed to become visible in search engines and invest only in traditional marketing “offline” is no longer a possibility. That is why you only need the experts, you need Seo expert Boca Raton.

Understanding the importance of SEO and SEM

SEO is an abbreviation of the English expression “Search Engine Optimization”, which in free translation means: Website Optimization for search engines. This strategy allows the organization of your site for search engines (like Google) to rate it as a source of relevant content on a particular subject, so in a this site search would be identified as significant, appearing in better positions than other sites on the same subject, which has implemented optimization strategies even at the beginning, with the website design Boca Raton.

With 70% of internet users researching recurrently about products, services and information, putting your company’s website in the first page of Google search turns out to be indispensable. According to Google, approximately 81% of consumers research the product and the shop on the Internet before going to a physical store. Therefore, the online presence of your business is important, not only as an online store, but also as a brand and customer loyalty.

How to make your website appear on the first page?

There are two forms. First, with sponsored links (which you invest to appear at the top or side of the page). This is a form of advertising that generates greater returns in less time, however, in some sectors where there is high competition, the cost of the campaign (based on purchase click on certain keywords) tends to increase. The other way is through SEO, with the creation of a study of the search index of Internet users, with development of appropriate content to your target audience and other forms of optimization. Then you must be asking yourself, “it would not be easier to pay for sponsored link?”. Yes, it would. But the sponsored links tend to have lower visibility that natural search results, similar to commercial TV and radio, a portion of Internet users, ignores the paid results, knowing that this is propaganda. You can get help from website design Boca Raton. Find out more information here.

The bottom line

So even if your company make the choice to perform actions sponsored links instead of investing in SEO techniques, keep in mind that the ideal would be to work both together. You can invest in sponsored links and appear quickly in the polls then obtaining short-term results, while the site is optimized. When the site is well positioned in search results your business will gain more credibility and can direct part of the sponsored links budget for other actions of digital marketing. Always count on online marketing expert Boca Raton!

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