Hotel Website Design Goes Smart – Trends 2017

Website Design Boca Raton -The hotel marketplace is a maturing sector. The growth rate by which the average consumer has shifted from offline to online has drastically peaked. Growing leaps and bounds because of their on-spot service, the hotel industry today, is showcasing phenomenal growth. But moving forward, keeping pace with the growth rate is bound to be a difficult task. Although it is flourishing, there still is room for a lot of improvement. check this link here!

Most hotels do not understand the need and significance of having a concrete online presence. Simply having a website is not enough!

It’s high time a thought was put into the website design Boca Raton trends for the year 2017.

Mobile Compatibility

The humble mobile made its foray into the online hotel industry in 2011. Recent studies suggest that the growth of connected devices will continue to soar in 2017. Estimates show that there will be over 50 billion connected devices in circulation by 2020! These days, many companies have sites that specially function on their mobiles and/or smart phones.

The hotel industry is such that a prospective traveler might want to access hotel information from anywhere in the world. Usually rooms are booked on flight and downloaded directly into the prospective customer’s mobile phone. Therefore, a hotel website design Boca Raton must be mobile compatible so as to capture the attention of the customer even while they may be kilometers away from your hotel!


No hotel targets local customers. A hotel’s target audience is usually one who hails from outside and has spent considerable time traveling. The hotel website design needs to have proper maps which showcase proper directions, landmarks and nearby attractions.

PPC Marketing

One of the most effective and accountable marketing techniques today, hotel PPC Boca Raton will certainly soar to newer altitudes in 2017. As a measurable and cost effective alternative than traditional advertising mediums, hotel PPC can help boost your brand and get an edge over your competitors. read other details from

Socialize More

Simply having a website is not enough. A hotel needs to interact, communicate and understand the needs of its prospective customers. Having a Facebook page and/or a Twitter account certainly helps. Direct interaction and communication helps create a mutual bond between the customer and the hotel.

Also, having an online booking engine directly integrated on the Facebook tab helps users in making direct bookings! Increased engagement on social media usually leads to a direct acceleration in hotel bookings.

Search Engine Optimization:

designing-a-websiteSEO Boca Raton is perhaps one of the most important continuing trends the current year is bound to see! Simply put, your visibility on the first page of top search engines is directly proportionate to augmented hotel bookings. A balance of good hotel website design and balanced SEO is what puts a hotel in top searches.

To conclude:

A hotel website should be User-friendly navigation for a first-time user is likely to spend a very short period on a website before deciding whether it is able to offer the information or service required. In the process of having a website designed it is highly beneficial to have it designed so that it is able to offer a search engine friendly structure.

A common error and that is seen with many private or commercial web sites are that they are often cluttered with an excess of advertisements, graphics, and fonts but with website design Boca Raton you get the best.